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Food Court’s favourite songs about food

If you aren’t yet familiar with Food Court, I advise you to change that now. The Sydney garage band have just dropped their debut EP, and their current single 14 Years Young is enjoying some pretty wild radio rotation. They’ve been supporting some great names including Palms and Bad//Dreems and are now out on their own mini EP tour.

You gotta watch this video clip. Two minutes of cats, lasers, strange viking people and more.

We wanted to have a little fun while getting to know Food Court better, so we asked them to show us their top ten songs – ’bout food!
  •  Prince, Cream
    Lewey: This song proves that bukkake was invented in 1991 by Prince and his crew from Minneapolis.
  • The Flaming Lips, She Don’t Use Jelly
    Lewey: This is surreal as all get out. Vaseline is something we rub on each other’s lips, but on toast? Go figure.
  • Peter Combe, Spaghetti Bolognaise
    Niccy: Petey Combes spreads the word he is down for some spag 24/7. Don’t bother showing him the menu and skip the G-bread just GIVE HIM THE SPAG, BRO.
  • Tom Waits, Filipino Box Spring Hog (ed: one of my favourite ever Tom Waits songs!)
    Niccy: BBQ’ing is a real cool time and Waitsy loves him one or two pińas while salting up them FBS hogs!
  • Katy Perry, Milk Milk Lemonade
    Niccy: How this banga flew under the radar we will never know! Theres some real talk 101 in this as Pezza gets deep with the issues of not getting your biz back to front.
  • The Presidents of the United States of America, Peaches
    Lewey: Old mate Chris the singer does some silly billy dancing amongst freshly ripened peaches, cans, pies and ninja warriors. The Pressos are up to their apricots for the full 3mins and 11 seconds.
  • Casey Tatum & His Brother. RIP Casey (Tim & Eric): Hamburgers & Hotdogs
    Niccy: I want parties, I want fun, I want to live in a hamburger bun!
  • The Archies, Sugar, Sugar
    Cristian: I could never decide between Betty or Veronica. Betty was a nicer girl in theory but Veronica was a bit sexy mean which kind of turned me on. I think I had threesomey wet dreams about them both in all their 2D glory. Oooooofty.
  • Butthole Surfers, Pepper
    Danny: I used to go buttonhole surfing down in Thirroul with his mates and their boogie boards. Afterwards they’d go to a great bakery and devour sausage rolls and butter finger buns. YUM-Oh!
  • Me No Fry (Eggs version) Australian Commercial from 1995 (ed: hell yes! I remember this so well!)
    Cristian: ‘Serve me up some reggae eggs mum!’ Tis a good campaign though, and the lil egg dudes had such great outfits. ‘I wanna be a reggae egg mum!’
Catch Food Court on tour:

Fri, 21 Nov: Waywards, Sydney
Fri, 5 Dec: Boney, Melbourne
Sun, 7 Dec: Minimum Wage, Melbourne