Raury - Howl and Echoes

The Best New Video Clips

Flight Facilities, Down To Earth

Sydney’s Flight Facilities have been reaching from strength to strength lately, and that includes this very cool new video clip for Down To Earth, starring actor Sam Rockwell. The clip basically features Rockwell sitting alone in a quiet, deserted diner. Soon enough, his imagination runs wild and we watch him suddenly wearing a suit and letting loose, dancing his way through the diner, the kitchen, a back alley and more. The final moments of the clip draw us back down to earth (hehehehe) and we see him still sitting at the diner, with a very blurry Flight Facilities sitting behind him.

Action Bronson, Actin Crazy
Ahhh, green screens. They are a wonderful, wonderful thing. Watch as the understated, food-loving Action Bronson turns a regular room into scenes including flying an exploding rocket ship, riding a robotic fire-breathing bird-snake through a city skyline, shooting through water on a fish-shark-submarine, playing basketball with Godzilla and more. In the middle of the insanity Bronson takes little breaks throughout, to eat cereal and have his hair brushed. Of course.

Raury, Seven Suns
I saw Raury live twice recently, and both times this was the track that he gave the biggest spiel about before performing. “Ima need y’all to be my personal therapist for the next few minutes,” he exclaimed in his Southern drawl. A highly personal, intimate and powerful song, it’s ambient swoops and soaring guitars lay the soundtrack to a smokey junkyard, backdrop to Raury gathering his Indigo Army. Messiah complex? Sure. Worth it? 100%. (PS Check out our exclusive photoshoot with Raury)

Courtney Barnett, Depreston
CB is at it again, with a new song and video to boot! Getting ready for her new album, she’s just premiered the lovely new Depreston. Stripped back and more intimate than her first single Pedestrian At Best, the emotional folk track showcases poetic lyrics at their most heartfelt. The video clip is split into three separate shots of Melbourne streets and follows her story of visiting a deceased estate for potential rental.

NYUON, Your City
More good Australian rap, hooray! Melbourne artist NYUON has recently released the old school video clip for single Your City. An homage to the hip hop clips of days gone past, the clip trails basketball courts, inner city streets and ‘industrial wasteland.’ Born to Sudanese parents in an Ethiopian refugee camp, NYUON and his family moved to Aus in 2001 to escape civil war. His heartwarming story only makes it that much better that we’ve got a great rising star on the scene.