Run The Jewels to open for Jack White at Madison Square Garden

Well, shit. Here I am on my high horse, instructing everyone to not get any FOMO about the Coachella lineup.

Then my two current favourite acts, Jack White and Run The Jewels, announce that they’re playing together. At Madison Square Garden, no less.

Goddamn. That is huge.

It’s a weird combination, but I figure that if I love both of these acts then surely plenty of others do too. And considering that White has been pretty vocal about his love for hip hop, including desires to work with Kanye and Jay-Z, and saying that Kanye’s live show was the best he’d ever seen, it really should come as no surprise.

So far it’s the only time that they’ve planned together, but who knows…. maybe a dual-headlining Australian tour could be in the works? Or maybe I’m just getting really desperate to see Jack White again.

Could you imagine a JW/RTJ recording collab? Oh man. You could say it’s…. A Christmas fucking miracle! Hehehe.

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