You Need To Hear Ja Rule Read ‘The Grinch’

Sometimes, the world is a beautiful place. With the festive season well and truly upon us, it is nice to sit back and relax with loved ones and get into the spirit of Christmas. Even though it’s “technically” over for another year, the Christmas spirit doesn’t have to go JUST yet because here is a clip of none other than Ja Rule reading The Grinch – and it’s as incredible as it sounds.

Thanks to BBC Radio 1, this is the Christmas gift you never knew you so badly needed. A recording of Ja Rule’s reading was uncovered and played on Clara Amfo’s December 27 show. While she also played previous Live Lounge performances by Coldplay, Hozier and Paolo Nutini, we have to maintain that Ja delivered something far more entertaining.

There are no words that can truly describe the experience that is hearing this story told by Ja. Not swaying off script, Ja’s deep voice sounds surprisingly fitting for lines like “Poo poo to the Whos“, and for describing the change of heart The Grinch has at the end of the story. The best part is probably after the story itself is done, when Ja Rule literally says “Yay! The gahtdamn Grinch!” because that is a line I never thought I would hear him say. It’s a Christmas miracle if I ever saw (or heard) one.

If Ja Rule ever needs a career change, a career in recording audiobooks is right up his alley. Calls for the four time Grammy nominee to record other stories have already begun on the clip’s YouTube comments, and who wouldn’t want to hear more Dr Seuss as told by Ja Rule?

Image via Google Images