Yes, yes, yes! Beirut announce new album, ‘No, No, No’

Zach Condon of Beirut fame has announced the release of a new album due out on September 11th  via 4AD. The buoyant title track No, No, No released today returns to the intricate tapestry of sounds present on 2011’s critically acclaimed The Rip Tide.

The album comes after a difficult time for Condon, who suffered a breakdown and was admitted to an Australian hospital while Beirut were here on tour in 2013. Condon commented in a press release that he had “hit rock bottom,” suffering from severe exhaustion and dealing with a messy divorce.

The upbeat tone of this single gives hope that he is back on track, perhaps thanks to a new squeeze. “Having a positive presence like her both provides a healthy guiding force and shines a light on all the negative things in your life,” Condon says.

Along with band mates Paul Collins (bass) and Nick Petree (drums), Beirut recorded the album over two very cold New York weeks in late 2014. Word is that the new album is more restrained than previous efforts, with some of the more obscure instrumentation that the band is known for stripped back.

The announcement coincides with the release of US/Canada tour dates, but Australian fans will still have to wait a little longer to see the indie troubadours return to our shores.

No, No, No Track Listing

01 Gibraltar 
02 No No No 
03 At Once 
04 August Holland 
05 As Needed 
06 Perth 
07 Pacheco 
08 Fener 
09 So Allowed