New Music: Glasses Malone ft. Kendrick Lamar: “Thuggin'”

Glasses Malone delivers an aggressive new track, kicking off with an archival Tupac sample. Thuggin’ is raw and powerful, with a gravelly flow and intense lyrics. A simple instrumental loop carries the track, with gorgeous guitars that still give you plenty of room to focus on the lyrics.

The confrontational track is intense and thought-provoking at every turn. Malone criticises George Zimmerman, calls him a pussy and calls out Florida’s local rappers for remaining so silent after the Trayvon Martin shooting, and asks, “what the fuck do you n****s stand for?”

Kendrick Lamar delivers a biting verse, with a deadpan tone and dead seriousness. He questions the way the media portray him as a role model, about the prison system and how felons become tangled in the legal system and more. It’s dark.

Ending on a beautiful guitar outro, this is one powerful, insightful track.