GIVEAWAY: Win a copy of Silverchair’s Frogstomp: 20th anniversary re-mastered edition!

There’s not much I can say that’ll properly explain my love for Silverchair’s debut album Frogstomp. Not only is it, in my opinion, one of the best Australian rock albums ever, but it’s also, literally, the album that got me into music. I was around 12, maybe 13, and this was the first album I properly listened to, and it made a big difference to my life. From the very first bass tones of Israel’s Son, and that distorted crunch a few bars in, that was it.

Even today it’s insane that these guys recorded this album when they were only in their mid-teens. Now, people are getting to know the new Daniel Johns – the electro-soul crooner whose just dropped his brand new EP, Aerial Love. But if I’m being honest, my favourite Daniel Johns will always be the Daniel Johns who roared and screeched his way through Tomorrow, Pure Massacre, and Leave Me Out.

Had this poster on my wall until I was like 17

Had this poster on my wall until I was like 17

Anyway, on March 27 we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Frogstomp. Sony Music are honouring it in style, with a remastered two-CD edition, a DVD, vinyl and digital releases all coming out next Friday.

SO it is my absolute personal pleasure to be able to give away five copies of the CD DVD package.

Entering is simple:

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  2. Email with “FROGSTOMP” in the title, and your name in the email.We’ll be announcing the winners on release date (March 27)

In the meantime, enjoy the hell outta this epic slice of Aussie rock: