Check out Kele’s gorgeous new video clip

Since 2010, Kele Okereke has been building himself up as a reputable electro artist with a number of solo projects and collaborations alongside the main event, Bloc Party. The latest video to come off the back of the October-released album Trick is Closer. A 3.25 minute representation of the 60 minute live show Kele is currently touring, Closer continues his love affair with lights, projections and shadow movements.

Bolstered by Jodie Scantlebury’s airy, sultry vocals and filmed in various spots across London, but the main location used is Peckham’s rooftop bar, Frank’s. The angular concrete spaces make for ideal projection locations in the wintry city and it all accompanies the track just about perfectly.

Kele’s latest album Trick came out in October to critical acclaim. Despite only being his second solo record, it’s clear that he’s absolutely as capable on his own as he is with the ever-wonderful Bloc Party. This is the third single from the album. We were lucky enough to have a few words with Kele himself a couple months back, you can read all about it right here!