La Mar: Sydney’s coolest new twosome

Sydney duo La Mar has recently made waves on Mazde’s single “Shifted Thoughts.” Now, after clocking up more than 100,000 SoundCloud plays, they’re back with their own debut release, “Anchor.”

Opening with simple notes and a soft beat, I was quickly drawn in by the warm, velvety smooth vocals. The gentle groove is sensual and soulful, with delicate harmonies and synth twinkles adorning the bluesy atmosphere. Each note, each phrase is rich and passionate, really culminating in the final minute or so with a vocal breakdown and huge, almost 80s-synths-rock drums.

This is a really gorgeous example of how electronic music can meld so fluidly with soul and R&B. We’ve been hearing it more and more recently, but La Mar is quickly becoming a serious contender for best incoming group.

“Anchor” is being released today as a two-track eponymous EP, alongside a remix of the same track, courtesy of Mazde. You can purchase the EP here.

I originally wrote this for Indie Shuffle