DOOM Dropping 15 New Tracks, Listen To “Negus” w/ Sean Price NOW

Adult Swim has announced it will be releasing 15 – yes, 15 – never-before-heard DOOM tracks over the next 15 weeks.

The tracks were allegedly received as a folder called “The Missing Notebook Rhymes”, and they consist of original tracks and upcoming songs that contain guest verses from metalface himself.

While no tracklist has been shared, we’re told to expect one track from Jay Electronica, and the first track to be released has been taken from the great Sean Price‘s forthcoming posthumous album iMPERIUS REX.

You heard that right. Listen to Sean Price’s Negus ft. DOOM right now. In short, it’s really, really, really good:

Adult Swim went on to say that “these missing notebooks were last seen at the METALFACE L.A. office when DOOM was denied entry into the US 7 years ago.” It also links to a website (which looks like a DOOM-specific music blog and merch store) to contact “if you have any information on the whereabouts of these notebooks”.

Whether this is just a bit of playful lore to accompany the release, or whether it’s actually true, is anyone’s guess, but it does put into question the ‘newness’ of the tracks. Given that we’d do just about anything for 15 new slices of DOOM, we don’t really care either way.