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Tyler, The Creator Drops New Track “Boredom”

It’s been an insane week for Tyler, The Creator. After announcing a new album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy and dropping two new tracks – Who Dat Boy ft. A$AP Rocky and 911/Mr Lonely ft. Frank Ocean- the album leaked early. Several of its lyrics have since set the internet ablaze, as they seem to possibly suggest that he is gay, and this album might – I repeat, might – signify his coming out. Lucily, Tyler is now drawing attention away from the gossipy side of things by doing what he does best – releasing really great music.

Today, Tyler has released a new song, Boredom, with additional vocals from Rex Orange County, Anna Of The North and Corinne Bailey Rae

The song is absolutely  gorgeous and summery as hell, which is frankly rather unexpected.

It couldn’t be further from the controversial, aggressive, abrasive tunes that first catapulted him to attention during his Odd Future days. Mellow and melodic, the instrumental feels more like something out of Frank Ocean’s catalogue than Tyler’s.

With subdued, introverted lyrics about the anguish of being alone, losing friends, and the painstaking reality of boredom, it looks like the 26-year-old artist’s new album will be more inward-looking and bare than we’ve ever seen before. The class clown seems to be exiting the building.

Tyler, The Creator’s new album officially comes out on Friday, July 21. Tyler himself has produced the entire thing, as well as co-designing the artwork (below) with Eric White.

Tyler, the creator, Scum Fuck Flower Boy tracklist

01 Foreword
02 Where This Flower Blooms
03 Sometimes…
04 See You Again
05 Who Dat Boy?
06 Pothole
07 Garden Shred
08 Boredom
09 I Ain’t Got Time!
10 911/Mr. Lonely
11 Dropping Seeds
12 November
13 Glitter
14 Enjoy Right Now Today