Prophets Of Rage Team Up With Michael Moore on “Unfuck The World”

Politically charged rap-rock supergroup Prophets Of Rage, featuring members of Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill, introduced themselves to the rest of the world last year with The Party’s Over EP serving as their fiery introduction.

They made headlines for their memorable pop-up set outside the Republican National Convention last year and now they’re set to make plenty more, today teaming up with full-time pot-stirrer and documentarian Michael Moore to direct their latest video for the to-the-point Unfuck The World, as well as announcing their debut album for later this year.

Opening with an ominous air raid siren and interspersing live shots of the band with stock footage both old (50s nuclear war drills, North Korean military marches) and of more current events (some of the more violent protests of the last year and that Pepsi Ad) covering plenty of social and political ground.

Unsurprisingly it’s Donald Trump copping a lot of the negative press covfefe ire of the group here, his smug face popping up again and again throughout the song. You can watch the full video below:

It’s a very damning critique of the current state of society, the violent and confronting imagery combining with a crushingly heavy sonic assault to create a palpable sense of dread and doom from start to finish. Chuck D and B-Real bounce off each other perfectly, delivering their lyrics with the same force that made PE and Cypress Hill so successful and Michael Moore’s idiosyncratic rapid-fire delivery of a host of different footage provides the perfect visual companion.

Unfuck The World is the first single from Prophets Of Rage’s debut studio album. Self-titled, it’s been announced for release on September 15th. If the quality and the fury stay as consistently high as on Unfuck The World then Prophets Of Rage may end up being one of the most important releases of 2017.

Prophets Of Rage is out September 15th via Caroline.

Image: Consequence Of Sound