Run The Jewels

LISTEN: Danger Mouse + Big Boi + Run The Jewels = Pure Fire

Danger Mouse has unleashed the first track for the soundtrack to upcoming film Baby Driver, directed by Edgar Wright. Chase Me not only features Danger Mouse’s consistently brilliant production talents, but the wicked combination of Run The Jewels and Outkast’s Big Boi.

The track is aggressive and punchy, with a heavy, spaced-out beat setting the scene, embellished by heavy guitars, a menacing bass and melodic breakdowns.

Each artist deliver heady, braggadocios verses, with some really fun alliteration and wordplay throughout (“I’m bagging a bag, then I’m backing out, better back off” / “Bad manners, the bad manor do bad things, a bad bitch gave me bomb head to Bad Brains”).

The relationship between RTJ and Outkast goes way, way back – Killer Mike’s first ever recorded verse was on the Outkast album Stankonia. Though embroiled in a nasty little feud in the late 2000s, Big Boi and Killer Mike nevertheless made up, and have released numerous collaborations since. Notably, Big Boi also featured on Banana Clipper from RTJ’s self-titled debut album, and most recently, Killer Mike features on Big Boi’s newest single Kill Jill, also featuring Jeezy.