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Listen To Frank Ocean’s New Song Ft. Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator

Imagine if one year ago you were told that Frank Ocean would not only drop two albums, he’d start randomly releasing features and loosies at random for no reason. Seems pretty crazy, huh?

Sounds pretty crazy, right? Right. But Frank Ocean has now dropped his third song since releasing both Endless and Blonde last year. He’s just shared a new track titled Biking, featuring both Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator.

The song was announced a few hours earlier, when a trailer appeared online ahead of the third episode of Frank’s Blonded Radio on Apple’s Beats 1. As promised, the track premiered during the show.

This is a really beautiful song. It’s great to hear Hov on the intro, even if his verse is a little underwhelming. Meanwhile, Tyler’s verse is an absolute showstopper, and Frank’s melodies are sublime, backed by little more than piano and acoustic guitar throughout.

Back in February, Calvin Harris dropped a new song, Slide, featuring Frank Ocean and Migos. Frank then dropped his own new track, Chanel. 

Edit: the link to Biking has been removed. However, you can listen to the whole radio program here, with Biking coming in at 1:35:25.

Edit 2: The official Odd Future Soundcloud has posted the track:

Listen to the full playlist from the latest Blonded Radio below.

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