Meet Brightness & His Debut Single “Oblivion”

Beloved local label I Oh You, responsible for artists like Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays and DMA’s, have just announced that multi-instrumentalist Alex Knight, otherwise known as Brightness, is the newest signee to join their roster.

The name ‘Brightness’ and the name of debut single Oblivion are in direct descriptive contradiction, and indeed the track finds itself at the halfway mark between the two; the track and its accompanying video marries jangly guitar riffs and a vivid melody with brooding lyrics and churning chords, adding a blurry dizziness to the otherwise airy track. The line “you’ve lost your poise again, so you neck a few more pills and hope that it’s enough to get you through the day” in particular is perhaps a sobering reflection on Knight’s time spent living in London, from which he draws inspiration.

The music video fits this kind of sad yet sentimental nostalgia too, running like an old home video crackling out through a projector. Genuine and somehow quite dark, director Mclean Stephenson’s visual work complements the song perfectly.

With Brightness’ debut album Teething set for release later this year, boasting “unusually intimate and personal” tunes, we’re eager to hear what Knight has next up his sleeves. With any luck it will be as refreshing and layered as this bold debut.

Image: Supplied