Holy Shit, Flume’s “Enough” Ft. Pusha T Is The Hardest Song Of 2017

Fresh from winning a Grammy for his dense 2016 record Skin, Flume has returned with the second Skin Companion EP, with four brand new tracks, three of which feature guest artists: Pusha T, Dave Bayley of Glass Animals and Moses Sumney.

It’s no secret that he’s a certified legend when it comes to mixing hip-hop into his production: his tracks with Vic Mensa, Vince Staples and Raekwon were some of our favourite tracks from Skin. But his new cut with Pusha T is straight up ridiculous.

The track, Enough, is the hardest song of the year so far, and the hardest of Flume’s career to date. That beat whips so hard beneath Push, who spits and hisses his verses, gliding under the radar with seething, dangerous ferocity. Flume’s production is heavier than any trap beat and wilder than almost anything out right now. Production-wise the closest tracks I’d liken to this one are Brodinski’s album Brava and some of the heavier tracks on Yeezus. A big call, but this really is blowing me away. 

Lyrically, it covers the usual – cocaine, selling cocaine, buying cars with cocaine money, sex, fur, power and so on. Hardly challenging, but delivered with such venomous potency, you can’t help but feel a shock through your veins.
This track is so intense it’s scary. Flume is incredibly under-appreciated as a hip-hop producer and without doubt one of the best in the world when it comes to blending rap with electronic.

Check it out below, along with the rest of the EP: