Earl Sweatshirt’s New Album Is Coming

Earl Sweatshirt fans finally have confirmation from the man himself: a new album is in the works. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Earl broke the news in one short sentence: “making the album for you rn.”

It’s been two years since we had a new album from the Doris rapper, with his last album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside out in March 2015. Last year he spent time producing under the alias randomblackdude, dropping the rhyme-free Bary and SKRT SKRT back in January. He did get back behind the mic for the Alchemist-produced track Wind In My Sails, also released in January.

In August he put out an instrumental track called Pelicula which was posted on Apple Music. Earl was also featured on Adult Swim Singles Program 2016 with the track Balance, produced by Knxwledge. We saw one more track last year in September, Death Whistles, released while Earl and Knxwledge were live streaming for Red Bull Music Academy. While each release was well received, they were disjointed, and provided no hints regarding a full new record.

We’ll keepyou posted when we hear more about what might is easily one of the year’s most highly anticipated albums.

Image: Redbull.com