Here’s How Chance The Rapper Celebrated His Grammy Wins

Yesterday’s Grammy Awards were controversial, as always, but one of the day’s biggest winners was Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper, who took home three awards, for Best Rap Song, Best New Artist, and Best Rap Album. Not only did he change the way the Grammys accepted albums by leading the charge for indie and Soundcloud artists, but he became the first person to ever win a Grammy without selling a single physical copy of an album, and then be the first African-American hip-hop performer to win the Best New Artist category since Lauryn Hill over a decade ago in 1999. No truly independent artist has ever made it this far in the awards ceremony, and his success has really demonstrated how there is a lot more music than the stuff you find in your supermarket or CD store. His speeches echoed this sentiment, and as he screamed “This is for every indie artist!” you couldn’t help but have a sense of pride and joy.

No doubt his three Grammy wins were a cause for serious celebration, so what better than let loose at your very own Grammy afterparty. With appearances from the likes of Lil Yachty, Katy Perry, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Leon Bridges, Joey Bada$$Dennis Graham (Drake’s Dad) of all people, and many more heavyweight musical figures, it’s definitely the sign off Chance deserved. While Migos came through to perform some of their huge Culture hits, Chano he also took the stage to premiere a remix of one of his competitor’s songs, Drake’s Views cut Grammy’s. What better way to celebrate your wins, seriously?


Along with getting huge props from those who attended, those who couldn’t make it took to messenger to give their support. Fellow emcees Kendrick Lamar and Drake both congratulated Chance via text, seen via screenshots Chance posted to his socials. Drizzy took on a more hilarious route “I AM IN MANCHESTER HAVING A DRINK FOR U BROSKI”.

And while the spotlight is truly on Lil Chano (finally), it’s not just the celebs who are feeling his loveable style. The Fader is reporting that since The Grammys, Chance has seen more than a 200% spike in overall Spotify streams, and a 461% increase in the deep cut How Great, which he brilliantly performed in a medley at last night’s ceremony. No-one can bring Chance The Rapper down now; at the peak of his game, all we can say is we can’t wait to see what he has next up his sleeves!

Image: Twitter – Chance The Rapper