Celebrate Moonlight’s Oscars With Chopped & Screwed Soundtrack

It’s been a huge 24 hours for the team behind Moonlight. ICYMI (let’s face it – you didn’t, but it’s hilarious enough to still talk about anyway), the presenters announced the wrong winner for the Best Picture Oscar, initially presenting it to La La Land before announcing the real winner was Moonlight. The film won three awards from eight nominations, making history as the first LGBTQ film to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

In November director Barry Jenkins told Pitchfork about his love for remixing in the favoured ‘chopped and screwed’ method, explaining he listens to remixes every day, even noting how it had an influence on the movie and its killer soundtrack.

Last week the team behind the ‘chopped not slopped’ Lemonade, Blonde and Culture remixes, The Chopstars returned with yet another amazing work, Purple Moonlight. The release reworks the Moonlight soundtrack, delivering the chopped and screwed twist beloved by Jenkins.

Utilising the classic Houston style pioneered by DJ Screw, the release remains true to the original, offering hazy, down-tempo flips to the already classic soundtrack. The release features cuts from the film including Good Mob’s Cell Therapy, Mos Def’s Ms. Fat Booty and Erykah Badu’s Tyrone, along with other relevant singles Kendrick Lamar’s Alright and the recently-released DJ Khaled, Jay Z and Beyoncé collaboration Shining. All in all it’s dark, bass-heavy bliss, the perfect accompaniment to the film, and the perfect way to celebrate its mammoth achievements this week.

Image: Pitchfork