Skrillex Just Dropped A Track With His Old Emo Band

Not many artists have transferred from one genre to another quite so successfully as Skrillex. Born Sonny Moore, the undercut-loving dubstep superstar had his career beginnings in emo band From First To Last when emo was still a thing and MySpace was cool. Emo music really only spawned two important things: Skrillex, and selfies. While Skrillex left the band ten years ago to work on his burgeoning electronic side project, FFTL have actually remained fairly active since then, save for a three year hiatus which began in 2010.

Now, on his 29th birthday Skrillex has released a brand new track. But it’s not exactly what his legion of EDM fans may expect. It’s a new From First To Last single, Make War, released via his imprint label OWSLA.

Considering how far he’s come stylistically (although there’s something to be said for the amount of rock and metal artists who cross over to EDM), it’s amazing to see that he’s not only friendly enough with his old band to collaborate, but that he’s still interested in emo music (or, perhaps both parties realised that their respective genres are pretty much done and dusted, and the best step forward is to collaborate on something new).

The track has been co-written by Moore and the band, and also features both production and vocals from the Bangarang star.

The track is not electronic at all – it’s straight up emo, so I for one am looking very forward to seeing how EDM and dubstep fans respond.

Image: MySpace, probably