The Queen Is Back: Missy Elliott Drops New Single “I’m Better” ft. Lamb

Almost a year since her last single and nearly twelve since her last album, Missy Elliott has returned with a new single and video, I’m Better ft. Lamb. The song has been unleashed alongside a trailer teasing a documentary on the legendary hip-hop artist, set for release later this year.

There’s a menacing, suspenseful minimalism to to the track, with deliberate air between the instrumental layers. Taking influence from heady trap beats, sirens and even a dash of autotune, it’s tense, it’s dangerous, and perfectly 2017.

The choreography is phenomenal, featuring dancers hanging from ribbons and later appearing to be underwater.

Missy Elliott returned in late 2015 with the banging WTF ft. Pharrell, and in February last year she dropped Pep Rally during the Super Bowl.

In a new interview with FACTMissy has reveals that her spark has been relit. “Always music, that’s pretty much what Missy do: music, all day, all night long,” she says, speaking about how the I’m Better video took a month to rehearse. “I wanted it to look like art instead of just a video. I wanted the dance movement to be challenging.”

She has also revealed that she’s got enough enough music recorded to make five or six albums, although we might never hear it. “I got enough records to make an album, but I would never say a day or time that it would happen because those fans are brutal and they will stone me if I told a date and it didn’t drop on that date.”

Below, watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary:

Image: Youtube