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LISTEN: London Grammar Return With “Rooting For You”

Breaking three years of silence following their stellar debut album If You Wait, UK trio London Grammar, known for their spine-tingling soundscapes and moving vocals, are kicking off 2017 with a new track and video, Rooting For You.

The track sees the trio expanding on the sounds which defined them: Hannah Reid’s warm, haunting vocals are front and centre, ringing out with no accompaniment whatsoever (save for a little reverb) for two full minutes. Sweeping orchestral chords and additional melodic layers soon ring out, but they remain subtle and nourishing, simply embellishing Reid’s intimate performance rather than drawing attention away from it.

London Grammar have quite the challenge ahead of themselves; their debut release blew up so fast, and it immediately determined a signature sound – a blessing or curse depending on what they do next.

With Rooting For You, it seems like the band are readying fans for an album which is poignant, considered, and utterly emotion-driven, which is almost certainly what every London Grammar fan has been waiting three years to hear.

London Grammar have just wrapped up acclaimed performances at Falls festival, and will be playing a small show in Sydney this week. Attendees were among the world’s first to hear new material, and considering their reputation as an incredible live act, it was undoubtedly a fantastic way to ring in the new year.

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