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NYC rap queen Dai Burger‘s mission is to keep asses shaking across the globe and right now, it’s our turn Down Under to turn up. Known for her 2014 mixtape IN YA MOUF and her feature on Darq E Freaker’s Choppin Necks, she’s here for legendary queer music festival Yo! Sissy‘s first batch of Australian dates. Full of life, colour and charisma, she’s got energy and enthusiasm that’s nothing if not infectious and we felt it first hand when we asked her a few rapid-fire questions recently.

You’re replacing JD Samson for Yo! Sissy – have you been to or played any of their parties before? How did that come about?

Yes! I first met the Yo! Sissy crew when they brought me out to Berlin for their festival, which first of all, was amazing. And I also had the pleasure of seeing JD Samson perform there as well, so I totally understand the disappointment of JD being unable to perform for Yo! Sissy Australia. But you know, we all have our moments and JD’s time of healing opened an opportunity for me to reunite with the Yo! Sissy gang. It’s an honor and a pleasure to pick up where she left off. Its sure to be amazing

This tour is your first time Down Under – what can we expect to see when you come party with us? Do you have any expectations for what it’s going to be like playing here?

I truly have nooooo expectations! Positivity follows me everywhere I go, so I am just so delighted to explore & meet my australian friends in person & give em a dose of the Burger the only way i know how…. with a BIG ASS BANG!

You seem to have a big focus on embracing yourself, individuality, being true to your style (musically and otherwise), being open and positive about sex and sexuality and I’ve seen people refer to you as a role model – where does that comes from? Is it something you’ve always had?

As an only child, you could imagine how much time I’ve had with myself to actually decide WHO I AM. And the first point of reckoning is just realising that you can’t decide…. you just are who you are. So with that being said, what choice do we have but to embrace that, and heck, show it off at all times. There is only ONE YOU. So yes, I encourage being the best you possible, flaws & all.

Why do you think people seem to respond to that so much/well?

I think its something about being genuine that will always attract other genuine beings. I just keep it real. Real gon’ always recognize real.

Who were your role models coming up?

Definitely my mom. She raised me as a single parent and just really showed me what it is to be a women of merit and what it means to provide by all means. She truly taught me the meaning of having “drive”. Its embedded in me.

I’ve read interviews here you’ve spoken about lack of support and representation, especially as a woman, in the rap game… but it kind of seemed to work out for the better almost and now you have a pretty wide, dedicated and diverse following, was that surprising?

It is surprising and omg do I LOVE MY FANS! Right! Who ever thought I would have fans across the world! And they are the reason I continue to perfect my craft…. But you know, I’m still sometimes pocketed as an artist and I can’t wait until that day where I can be heard by THE WORLD, and not just be confined to who people think I am, or think I should be.

Have you noticed much of a change since then in terms of getting recognition or support from the Powers That Be for lack of a better term? The “regular straight guys” and people who might have not really got it before, stayed quiet and slept on you.

I mean there are always gonna be folks who “don’t get it”. But I pays it DUST, and pumps to the next function, hair swinging, outfit banging *sunglass emoji*

Fashion & style seem to make up a big part of your music and performance – has that always been the case? Do you do all the styling for your videos and shoots yourself?

Always. I’ve always had a knack for fashion. Dance and fashion. My two passions that I stuck to, and followed through on, and combined, the two rolled up into this magical lil ball of musical energy. And poof! here I am. Still styling’ lol.

Are you still working as a stylist (and doing nails!) or has that taken a backseat to music? Is it something you’d like to or are continuing to do?

I am a Jill of ALL TRADES. I literally do it all. I paint my friends nails if they ask. And sure, I’ll dress someone if they ask me to. I’ll always be able to dabble in this. Its just who I am as a girl. I like clothes and hair and nails and make up and glitter and fun things. You name any activity and sure! I’m usually always down.

You’ve been doing some pretty cool collabs and features over the years and recently with Fortunes. and Darq E Freaker. What have you got cooking for 2k17- I’ve heard we might be getting a new EP?

YES! I love working with other cool driven artists and Darq E is like a musical Bro to me. I let the music speak to me. If I vibe to it, I hop on. Simple. BUT YES! My next project is in its final stages and I’m just so excited to share what I’ve been working on. Ready to share my growth. And yea, I want to continue making asses shake across the globe. This is my mission, 2017 as my witness.


Dai Burger Australian Dates

Sat, 28 Jan – Yo! Sissy Goes Down Under, Imperial Hotel, Sydney
Thu, 2 Feb – The Curtin, Melbourne (tickets)
Fri, 3 Feb – Yo! Sissy Goes Down Under, Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane (tickets)
Sat, 4 Feb – The Bird, Perth (tickets)
Sun, 5 Feb – Ancient World, Adelaide

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