Brisbabes to Close the Curtain on a High with Swansong Sixth Edition

If you’ve partaken in Brisbane’s continually flourishing live music scene in the last 12 months, you may have found yourself at the Foundry on a Saturday night as part of the fantastic Brisbabes series. With a previous five quarterly editions showcasing some of the most talented female artists the city of the Brown Snake (and occasionally from other cities around Australia) has to offer, Brisbabes has been a roaring success, providing a safe space for anyone with an open mind and the desire to have a positive night out as well as shining a well-deserved spotlight on artists who often find themselves unfairly overlooked simply because they’re female.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end though, and it was announced this week that the next edition of Brisbabes will sadly be the last for the foreseeable future. While this is very sad news, Brisbabes is looking to end on the highest note possible, with four outstanding acts announced to close the curtain on one of the best nights you’ll ever have in the Valley. They are the soulful Tiana Khasi, upstart MC Jesswar and newcomers Izadora and Pink Matter.

Without really anything similar to fill its shoes at present, Brisbabes will be sorely missed from Brisbane’s live music calendar but fondly remembered for providing opportunities for female artists to shine, showing defiance in the face of other more often than not male-dominated festival bills and club nights as well as contributing to and facilitating some of the most important discussions surrounding gender equality in the music industry.

Within the last year alone the female voice in Australian music has been growing louder and louder, artists like Camp Cope, Montaigne, Vera Blue, Sampa The Great, Alex Lahey, Tkay Maidza and so many others demanding to be heard. While there is still a very long way to go to achieve complete equality, events like Brisbabes and the hard-working people behind it have striven to put more female artists on the live music map and they’re slowly but surely succeeding. Make sure you get to The Foundry to support the cause and to make the final Brisbabes the most successful yet.

Tickets are available now via Oztix.

Brisbabes #6 is Saturday, January 21st at The Foundry.

Photo: Todd O’Rourke