Arcade Fire Return With Phenomenal Mavis Staples Collaboration

Arcade Fire have returned. I Give You Power is their first new song since 2013, and the timing was particularly intentional, for the track is essentially an anti-Donald Trump protest song, released on the day of his inauguration.

The track is a master of subtlety and surprise; a booming beat contrasts with delicate synths ahead of Win Butler’s vocals: “I gave you power, over me… I gave you power, now I say, I gave you power, I can take it away.”

The next verse introduces near-identical lyrics, only this time, it’s a duet between Butler and legendary blues and gospel singer Mavis Staples, who injects her signature deep, husky tone to the tune. “Watch me,” she snarls, before taking full control of verse three. Her voice is truly a melodic marvel; it’s common to talk about how high an artist can sing, but Mavis is a champion of the impossibly low register.

What’s more, is that all proceeds of the song will all go to the American Civil Liberties Union.

There’s no word yet as to whether this is a standalone track or if it will appear on the follow-up to 2013’s Reflektor. The band recently announced that their new album will be out this year – and they are playing at several festivals in 2017 – but no details are confirmed.

Image: Supplied