TK the Architect - Felt

VIDEO PREMIERE: TK The Architect, “Felt”

Today we’re thrilled to debut the video clip for TK The Architect‘s exploratory track Felt, a new track following on from from his sophomore album Blue Seasonwhich came out back in April.

The Japanese-American, New York-based emcee and multi-instrumentalist has a knack for creating engaging, open and real tunes with lush, enveloping production and beats. The track itself is revealing and bare, with a raw honesty making up what is TK’s most intimate track to date.

The video was a collaborative effort between Kimberly Young Sun and Dave Fitz. The mesmerising visuals are immediately captivating, with coloured smoke billowing, and flowers blooming atop a stark black background. Later in the track the scenery changes; we meet a dark sillhouette of TK in front of colourful, everchanging background images. Not only does the video provides a gorgeous visual accompaniment to the track, but manages to work with, and even evoke the themes in such a unique manner.

Speaking out the track, TK had the following to say: “Felt is the most emotional and direct song I’ve ever written. I have been fortunate enough to have love as a big part of my life for many years, and that being shaken to its core is what triggered this song. I experienced things that were beautiful in-and-of themselves, but were sad and troubling once they settled and I realised what they meant for the love in my life.  

The song started with a piano chord progression I had written and kept for later. I wanted to make something that was one long progression rather than a repeated phrase. A few days later I revisited it with the intention of singing on it, but my voice and words weren’t properly expressing how I was feeling. I opted to use my guitar instead, feeling that it better conveyed the sentiment I had bottled up. The whole first section is meant to represent the original moment, in both its beauty and sadness.

The second movement of the song is me reflecting on what occurred in the first part. I did this not only lyrically, but musically as well by deconstructing the first movement to create the second. Without ruining the artistic nuance of the part, there are many elements that help further emphasise the idea of reflecting on a moment in time and taking in its effects.

Watch below, and learn more about TK the Architect right here.

Image: Supplied