PHOTOS: Flume & Vince Staples Live in Sydney

Flume‘s early days of uploading to MySpace and writing bits for his dad’s commercials as a 14 year old seem humble if not prodigious. The Northern Beaches native became an international sensation with his debut self-titled album which yielded four ARIA awards, a slew of big name collaborations and remixes, and the de-throning of One Direction and Justin Bieber off the charts to boot. Four years on, following some staggering stress and writer’s block, his second full-length creation Skin is whipping anyone left on the fence into a rippling laser-induced frenzy.

As a producer, Flume’s style is distinctly innovative, infusing electronic and dance music with warm, organic elements and behind-the-beat, off-grid Hip Hop swing. While his debut was smooth and melodic, he wanted to take his next project to a more challenging level. His latest album Skin not only won him seven ARIAs but has now been nominated for two Grammys. It contains an almost overwhelming mix of heavy, experimental electronics, blissfully radio-friendly pop and abrasive Hip Hop. Opener Helix is one of the most ethereal and spine-tingling numbers in recent times, and experiencing this song open a live spectacle to stadiums full of screaming fans is unbelievable to witness.

Since his last headline tour four years ago, which involved little more than a laptop and some brazen festival lighting, his live sets and stage design have exploded into a Tron-esque dream of blinding strobes, laser light cages, LCD lit decks and epic artwork displays by fellow Australian marvel Jonathan Zawada. And Flume’s on-stage presence has certainly come into its own accordingly.

Album review: Flume, Skin

Joining Flume on the night was rapper Vince Staples. Staples has also had an incredible year, including the release of new EP Prima Donna. It feels criminal to see Staples as just the opening act, but he certainly delivered one of the best opening sets you’ll ever see.

Interview: Vince Staples

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Photos: Dani Hansen/Howl & Echoes