Oisima Returns In Spectacular Fashion With “I Will Find My Way” Ft. Allysha Joy

As if you needed any more great music in 2016, Adelaide producer Oisima has finally returned with one seriously delicious musical morsel for your Christmas stocking.

It’s been a quiet year for Oisima, but now we know why: he’s been hard at work recording a new album over the past eight months. The project was recorded using a completely live band, and the result of these efforts — which we’ll get to hear in full mid-2017 — are immediately noted on this gorgeous, sultry jazzy tune.

Oisima has long explored his knack for blending the electronic with organic, most clearly detailed on his debut album Nicaragua Nights, which came out in May 2015, and while I’ve always been a fan of this eclectic artist, I was honestly not expecting this track to be so good. Every single layer is velvety smooth, from the expressive saxophones to the plinky keys, the shuffling rhythm, and the mesmerising husk of guest vocalist Allysha Joy.

The track has been released as a gift of sorts, with a free download available for the fans who’ve been hungering all year for something new.

If this track is anything to go by, this album is going to be something spectacular.

Originally published on Indie Shuffle.

Image: Jonathan Vdk