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Listen To Hau’s Killer New Track “Everything” Ft. Footsie

It cannot be denied that 2016 has been the year of Australian hip-hop. From Remi and A.B Original to Koi Child, L-Fresh the Lion and beyond, we have never enjoyed a more diverse, rich, meaningful, and simply excellent output from a kind of local music that has long been stereotyped and cast aside. The latest in this incredible run of homegrown tunes comes from hip-hop OG Hau, with new single Everything featuring production from Miracle and a guest hook from grime rapper Footsie, who will be in town over New Years as part of grime two-piece Newham Generals alongside D Double E.

While Hau is best known to the public for his hip-hop program on Triple J, his own bars are as engaging as those he spins on air. The track opens with sparse synths and a heavy, weighted beat, the perfect complement to his deep husk. “Music, my medicine, more inspired than I’ve ever been,” Hau says. “Resurrect the true essence of hip-hop with a new message.” Meanwhile, Footsie’s hook is the perfect addition to the fiery track, with his own flow injecting an edginess so unique to that grime sound.

Speaking in more detail about the track, Hau explains: “The song has no real deep meaning to it. As you can hear, it bounces between the subjects of being inspired more now that I’m older to putting other MCs in check, to being honoured that I’m working with a legend like Footsie. So in a lot of ways, the content reflects the title.

“I also wanted to show that over this style of production – whether you feel it’s trap or grime – you don’t necessarily have to rhyme about the certain subjects usually found on these records; women, drugs, gun talk etc.”

It’s been a big year for Hau, whose last single, Sleep ft. Sarah Corry came out back in September, and he’s also featured on tracks by A.B Original and Miracle among others. Fans can look forward to more coming in 2017, but in the meantime, consider Everything a reintroduction to the newly reinvigorated MC. “After feeling all caged up, this is a taste of me,” he spits.

Listen below, and you can purchase the track here via Bandcamp.

Image: Tristan Stefan Edouard