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Farewell, Matt and Alex: Triple J Hosts Pack ‘Er Up For The Last Time

Today marks an incredibly sad day for Australian breakfast radio; beloved hosts Matt and Alex have left triple j forever.

The pair have far and away become Australia’s most beloved radio hosts. After announcing their departure a few weeks ago (as part of a large triple j overhaul which will also see the departure of several other hosts including Kyran Wheatley, Sarah Howells and Lewi McKirdy), they embarked on a massive “5 raves in 5 days” tour, among other events, notably including an emotional rap tribute from Coda Conduct, a reflection by Illyand a visit from former host Tom Ballard, who accidentally gave out Alex’s real mobile number on air.

For the final program of the year, matt and Alex stepped away from their presenting duties, handing it over to replacements Ben and Liam. Delivering their own very special Like A Version, or Musical Massacre, they noted how it was weird to be on the other side of the desk. With the help of some of their favourite Australian artists – Just A Gent, Elizabeth Rose, Vera Blue, Running Touch, Commandeur, Jim of Art Vs Science, and triple j’s KLP, they performed an incredible mash-up entitled Kiss From A Sandstorm, obviously combining the Seal classic from 1994 with Darude‘s famed rave smasher. They noted that they had been hoping for a Kiss From A Rose cover on Like A Version for “quite some time, but no one was brave enough to take it on.”

Matt and Alex then wrapped up with triple j in a touching speech. Matt thanked his listeners, Alex and triple j for the three years he’s spent on air. “We’ve had some silly times,” said Alex, before recounting some of their best jokes. “Life is like a tune rag,” said Alex, who has hosted the breakfast show since 2010, and other programs since 2007 with former co-host Tom Ballard. He concluded with an inspirational and emotional metaphor.

“When others froth too hard, wipe up their foam… Here in this studio are two little crumbs sitting here, embedded in your fibres, and we’re damn proud that you’ve let us be a part of your tune rag, aka life – the only one you’ve got. Now unfortunately we’ve got our own rags to take care of. Now it’s time to pop them in the back pocket and wander out of the main arena through the campsites, through the discarded goon bags and back to our tent. ‘Cos Matty, we’re gonna take a mid-festival nap, but we’ll meet you out there again Australia.

“Until then, live proud, rave hard, and always, and I mean always, listen to triple j.”

Wrapping up their final show ever, the boys signed off with the most Australian Like A Version ever – Illy’s EPIC mash-up cover from 2013, which included songs by Flume (On Top), Silverchair (Tomorrow), Paul Kelly (To Her Door), Powderfinger (My Happiness) and Hilltop Hoods (Nosebleed Section). Watch the original below, which also featured Joyride, Kira Puru, and ex-triple j presenter Lindsay McDougall on guitar.

Mornings just won’t be the same.

Image: Facebook