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Why You Should Vote For AB Original’s “January 26″ In The Hottest 100

AB Original’s landmark album Reclaim Australia is one of the most powerful albums of 2016. The hip-hop duo of Briggs and Trials have already started countless conversations with their in-your-face aggression and political lyrics that challenge “people’s perception, their preconceived notions of race and justice” (read the rest of our album review here).

The track titled January 26 is about exactly that, Australia Day. Not only is it one of the best tracks on the album but it has already shown to have real potential to make positive change in the way we consider – and reconsider – what Australia Day means.

“If you ain’t having a conversation, well then we starting it,” Trials raps at the end of his verse in the track.

Earlier this year, triple j was petitioned to move its Hottest 100 countdown from Australia Day, and although the bid was unsuccessful, many are still protesting in any way they can. One Facebook group has now been started to ask voters to choose January 26 for the Hottest 100 as a form of protest (which we were already voting for, but here’s a little extra encouragement):

Earlier this year, triple j finally listened to the thousands of voices calling for respect and had a review into the date they hold the Hottest 100 countdown. Unfortunately, they decided the whining of a noisy minority of racists on the internet was more important than showing a bit of empathy towards Australia’s first peoples and left the celebration on that day, perpetuating division and hurt.

Most young Australians don’t have Australia Day parties, because we’ve begun to recognise that ‘celebrating’ invasion, dispossession and genocide is what is commonly called a Major Dick Move. But because triple j holds its Hottest 100 countdown on that date, thousands of people across the country celebrate on a day which is one of mourning for Australia’s first people.

By voting for a song which is both an explanation and rejection of the idea of January 26 as a day of celebration – and which also happens to be a thorough banger, thanks to the effort of Briggs, Trials and Dan Sultan – we have the ability to send a message to triple j. Let’s end the division and change the date.

Vote for AB Original’s “January 26″ in the Hottest 100.

If you don’t believe that we should change the date, or at the very least move the countdown, then I recommend you listen to Reclaim Australia. Vote January 26 for triple j’s Hottest 100 here.

Dialogue Is Great, Action Is Better: The Case For Moving triple j’s Hottest 100

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