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Three Albums That Changed My Life: Sampology

We’ve had almost two months to soak up Sampology‘s fantastic new EP Natural Selections, and the lauded tour dates that followed. Having kicked it around the Australian live scene for more than five years now, it’s strange that this is only Sam Poggioli’s second EP. But what an EP it is – six sprawling, gorgeous, pristinely produced tracks that marry tribal beats and latin rhythms with live instrumentation and sparkly synths (including both live and programmed drumming). From the lush, purely instrumental tracks to the remarkably diverse collaborations with vocalists Tiana Khasi, Noah Slee and Laneous, Natural Selections shows off a sound, or a series of sounds, that are not only continuously engaging and fresh, but completely unique in composition and balance. Oh, and it’s a family affair too, with Poggioli’s father Ken contributing the double bass, his mother Sue in charge of artwork and live visuals, and aunt Helen on viola.

Considering his creative upbringing, not to mention the legion of varied sounds and styles on the EP, we wanted to get to know the Brisbane producer a little better – so we asked him to share three albums which influenced his life and music.

Dudley Perkins – Expressions (2006)

This album seems to always be floating around my brain. Every time I come across something Madlib has done it always makes me think of this LP, as some of my favorite beats of his are on this project. Dudley’s crooning delivery is just so damn funky & unique on this, it feels really free. This album gives me confidence to make something different & dope. I couldn’t find a link to Come Here My Dear but I’ve included the Eddie Henderson track Madlib sampled for that song.

Metro Area – Metro Area (2002)

In high school I went through a phase of downloading loads of DJ mixes, mostly BBC Radio 1, Essential, etc. There was a breezblock mix from Felix da Housecat that opened with Caught Up Metro area. This was pre-Shazam and there wasn’t any track listing attached so it took me a while to find out what this really nice song was. I think timing-wise this was a precursor to me being exposed to a lot more disco, boogie, house stuff and even though this album isn’t trying to be specifically those things I really admire how it’s all of those things but still uniquely it’s own thing in a really humble way.

Avalanches – Since I Left You (2000)

I always mention this album when asked about favorite/ influential album for me personally. I spent a whole summer holiday listening to the album non stop when it came out, so much so I think it got into my brain when I was really developing who I was. Because there are so many different little windows into different artists, genres and decades of music through the different samples included for years afterwards I’d subconsciously gravitate towards finding records in the same tone as ones the Avalanches sampled for this project. I’ve definitely noticed how much I love soca type rhythms over the years and I think the Avalanches sample choices are a part of that.

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