RL Grime Promotes ‘Waiting’ With A Phone Number

RL Grime, What So Not and Skrillex, three expert producers and leaders in the trap and electronic music world have had rumoured collaborations between some combination of them in the works as far back as 2013.  RL Grime and What So Not last collaborated on the track Tell Me which debuted in early 2014. Now, the two have reunited, this time with additional collaborator Skrillex, to create Waiting, a trap and bass experiment for the ages. RL Grime premiered the song at the tail end of the 2016 edition of his annual Halloween mix. This year’s Halloween mix garnered quite a bit more attention than previous years, and brought with it various surprises, as the voice of Pharell Williams ushered us into the mix, as well as teasing listeners with a taste of some unreleased music.  Listen to it here:

The single gets its official release on Thursday, but the three artists gave us a special preview of the song by creating a vague website that they each promoted on their social media sites. The website, contains a one minute preview of the song atop a video advertising a phone number, which when called, plays the track in full, and gives it a retro sex-hotline feel.  In 2015, Justin Bieber allowed fans to hear his cover of Hotline Bling using this same method, in that case quite literally allowing a hotline to bling.  Soulja Boy also used this back in 2008, giving out a phone number that fans could call to leave messages which came as close as they could to quite literally, kissing him through the phone.  It’s an interesting twist for a song to get pre-released in this way, and allows the duration of the song to be heard without giving everything away in full quality.

The full version of Waiting comes out on November 3rd.  Listen to Tell Me below: