The-Plot-TPham16-6031 - Nicole Millar

PHOTOS: The Plot (Part I)

Parramatta’s premiere summer festival The Plot returned this year ready to bring Plotters some of the biggest up and coming names in Australian music. Part I features Froyo, Mallrat, Amy Shark, Dorsal Fins, BUOYThe Belligerents, Bootleg Rascal, EAST, Tired Lion, LANKS, Running Touch, A.B. Original and Nicole Millar. Check out the shots below.

Continued in Part II featuring Allday, The Bennies, Indian Summer, Alex Lahey and more.


The-Plot-TPham16-3380 - Froyo

The-Plot-TPham16-3388 - Froyo

The-Plot-TPham16-3426 - Froyo

The-Plot-TPham16-3434 - Froyo


The-Plot-TPham16-3565 - Mallrat

Amy Shark

The-Plot-TPham16-3616 - Amy Shark

Dorsal Fins

The-Plot-TPham16-3713 - Dorsal Fins

The-Plot-TPham16-5942 - Dorsal Fins

The-Plot-TPham16-3819 - Dorsal Fins

The-Plot-TPham16-3810 - Dorsal Fins

The-Plot-TPham16-3803 - Dorsal Fins

The-Plot-TPham16-3729 - Dorsal Fins



The-Plot-TPham16-3891 - BUOY

The-Plot-TPham16-3899 - BUOY

The Belligerents

The-Plot-TPham16-3966 - The Belligerents

The-Plot-TPham16-3986 - The Belligerents

The-Plot-TPham16-4072 - The Belligerents

The-Plot-TPham16-4110 - The Belligerents

The-Plot-TPham16-6081 - The Belligerents

Bootleg Rascal


The-Plot-TPham16-4407 - Bootleg Rascal

The-Plot-TPham16-4494 - Bootleg Rascal


The-Plot-TPham16-4664 - EAST

Tired Lion

The-Plot-TPham16-4822 - Tired Lion

The-Plot-TPham16-4879 - Tired Lion

The-Plot-TPham16-4905 - Tired Lion

The-Plot-TPham16-4994 - Tired Lion

The-Plot-TPham16-5070 - Tired Lion



The-Plot-TPham16-4730 - LANKS

The-Plot-TPham16-4763 - LANKS

Running Touch

The-Plot-TPham16-5286 - Running Touch

The-Plot-TPham16-5320 - Running Touch

A.B. Original

The-Plot-TPham16-5202 - A.B. Original

The-Plot-TPham16-5233 - A.B. Original

Nicole Millar

The-Plot-TPham16-5833 - Nicole Millar

The-Plot-TPham16-5918 - Nicole Millar

The-Plot-TPham16-6031 - Nicole Millar


Photos: Teresa Pham/Howl & Echoes