Metallica & The Roots Perform “Enter Sandman” as Never Before!

Back in September, metal stalwarts Metallica appeared on The Tonight Show and performed their new single, A Moth To A Flame. The band also gave a rendition of their iconic track, Enter Sandman, but apparently, after twenty five years of playing that song, Metallica decided to change things up a bit.

Footage of the performance recently surfaced, showing the band, along with Jimmy Fallon and members of The Roots, playing toy instruments. After decades of pounding drums and thrashed out guitars, it is a little surreal to watch Lars Ulrich puffing away on a Melodica, or James Hetfield going nuts over a toy clarinet. And you haven’t truly heard that infamous riff until you’ve heard it on a kazoo…

In a nice touch of mutual respect, Metallica and The Roots appear to have swapped band t-shirts for the performance. What’s even better is no one appears to be enjoying themselves more than an energetic Hetfield, as he grinningly belts out the lyrics.

Metallica’s new double album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, is scheduled for release today. Sadly, there probably wasn’t time for the band to work in this new style of playing onto the record. But previews so far do confirm that they haven’t lost their touch with the grown up instruments either, thankfully. You can also now stream the album via 12 music videos released by the band.

But first, check out Enter Sandman as you’ve never seen it before. Fingers crossed for Master Of Puppets next…

Image: Loudwire