Listen to Kool A.D.’s Eighth Release Of 2016

It’s November now, so it’s time to start reflecting on how much you have achieved this year. Pause. Think. Okay, now compare your accomplishments to Kool A.D. and curl up in a ball of self-loathing and underachievement.

Introducing Kool A.D.’s (Victor Vasquez) eighth release of 2016. Yes, his eighth release this calendar year, Have A Nice Dream. The former Das Racist member has gone ham on twenty sixteen, with the announcement of his latest album following on from back to back 100 track mixtapes which he dropped in July (ZIG ZAG ZIG) and September (Peyote Karaoke). And this is on top of publishing a highly entertaining parenting advice column for VICE  and slapping sticks for another side-project, hardcore punk group Party Animal. 

This release is a bit on the lighter side, a more conservative 7 tracks and features works with electronic swooner Toro Y Moi and collaboration enigma Francis And The Lights. Coupled with the not so surprising release is the super psychedelic/epileptic/transcending/narcotics inspired video for tune Visualise with Toro.

A.D. is putting out quantity and each release is in one way or another a form of experimental clinical trial. This time there is an abundance of Yeezy-esque auto-tune, stabby snares and dreamy melodies to accompany Vasquez’s sing-raps. Check it out here.