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It’s Here: Listen To The Weeknd’s New Album “Starboy”

Following on from last year’s critical success beauty Behind The Madness, The Weeknd has now returned with new album Starboy. The record features the three previously released singles, two of which are Daft Punk collaborations showcasing a brighter, poppier electro-R&B sound, somewhat removed from the seductive R&B bedroom bangers previously championed by the artist, real name Abel Tesfaye.

The album consists of 18 tracks, including all-star collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey and Future as well as Daft Punk. Meanwhile, Cashmere Cat produced four of the other tracks.

The album release has coincided with a lengthy and revealing interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, which delves into everything from working with K-Dot and Daft Punk to cutting his hair (which he has actually kept in a box).

Speaking about writing Starboy with Daft Punk, Tesfaye said, “I came into the session [in Paris] and Thomas and Guy-Man had already started a track, which was I Feel It Coming, which was just the music. It was one of the tracks they were playing for me and I was freestyle over it and trying to find a vibe with it. So, we were writing it. I was writing the lyrics to I feel It Coming and then probably finished it in about an hour. Went into the booth and started recording it. Guy-Man and Thomas were kind of directing me, they want it to sound as authentic as possible. As retro as possible. And while I’m recording, through the talkback I can here some sort of feedback, sort of drum loop every time Thomas is like ok next take. So I’m like what the fuck is that? What is that sound? So I walk in and its Guy-Man on his phone, on his laptop or something and it’s the drums of Starboy. [drum sounds] We’re like, what is that? He’s like it’s just something on my phone and I’m like put that shit on the fucking speakers, let me here that. And it’s just this crazy monstrous loop so I put I Feel It Coming to the side. I’m like I’m writing this. Literally wrote Starboy in 30 minutes.”

Listen below:

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