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Aesop Rock Attends Arcade Game Therapy In “Shrunk” Video

Earlier this year Aesop Rock delivered The Impossible Kid. It is one of, if not his best album to date, the most lyrically accessible and therefore confronting, and by far the most commercially successful record of his entire career.

The release has come with a myriad visual accompaniments, from video clips to Rings, Blood SandwichKirby and Dorks, a fully animated miniseries and an entire animated video which recreates The Shining.

A new video is now upon us, for Shrunk, which deals with his experiences with mental health and therapy. The video was directed by frequent collaborator Rob Shaw. It begins with Aes walking in an arcade parlour (catch the Rob Sonic cameo?). He sits down and a game begins to run through his insurance details and health records, before taking him through the typical process of a therapy session. Of course, as he progresses and improves, the video game demands more money to begin the next level.

This is a really clever reimagining of his relationship with therapy and the red tape that surrounds it.

Every video he’s released for the album has been incredible; amazingly multi-layered, cryptic, fun, and absolutely riveting to watch, and this might just be the smartest one yet.


Aesop Rock has also announced a new string of US and Canada tour dates. He will once again be touring with Stones Throw rapper Homeboy Sandman, with whom he just released their second free EP Lice 2: Still Buggin’and has also delivered a wonderful new album this year, Kindness For Weaknessas well as Hail Mary Mallon partner in crime Rob Sonic. The tour begins in November and wraps up in early 2017. While I keep crossing my fingers and toes for Australian dates, I have a feeling fans will have to travel to his home land to catch the rapper in the flesh any time soon.

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