Video Roundup: The Best of Last Week

Kingswood – Creepin

The first single off their forthcoming sophomore album, Creepin is an uplifting yet melancholic anthem. Featuring their signature gritty guitar riffs, slapping drumbeats, and captivating vocals, this is a bold return from the boys. The video itself is also weirdly enchanting, featuring a range of ballet dancers who are accompanied by a freakishly face-painted ‘creep’.

Torii Wolf – Body

Torii Wolf has released a seductive and meditative banger titled Body, produced by araabMUSIK. With her smooth and sultry vocals gliding through the track, the video builds upon these sentiments, but showcases the emptiness and longing one has for a past lover.

Danny Brown – Pneumonia

Detroit’s Danny Brown has released yet another visual accompaniment from his fourth studio album Atrocity Exhibition. This time with a haunting clip for Pneumonia, the kind of horrifying experimental track sees Danny tied up in chains and flailed through the air. While we don’t entirely get what’s going on, it definitely does a good job of keeping your eyes glued to the screen.

Pusha T – H.G.T.V.

After teasing the tune just days ago, King Push has finally released the new track H.G.T.V alongside it’s new video. Shot entirely in portrait orientation (maybe grab your phone), the simplistic, sub bass centred beat sees Pusha T flexing his vocal skills to the max. Just goes to show, with over 20 years in the game, Pusha has still got it.

Kid Cudi – Frequency

Following the previously released All In, Cudi has returned with a new video for his upcoming project. An enchanting mix of auto-tune laced choruses and in-depth rap verses, catchy is an understatement. Frequency is actually directed by Cudi himself and follows him as he traverses through a mysterious and eerie jungle like setting.

Glass Animals – Season 2 Episode 3

Dropping the visual accompaniment to one of their recent album’s favourites, the video game inspired single has now gotten a video game inspired clip! Centring around a disinterested, couch-bound girl, she is soon pulled into a psychedelic video game world at the flip of a button. It’s an incredible interpretation of the video game sounds used within the tune, and if that couldn’t get any better, this game will soon be playable by fans!

The Weeknd – False Alarm

For his second music video of the album, The Weeknd has certainly gone all out. Matching the fast paced and intense nature that the single presented, the clip follows a group of bank robbers as they make their heist and getaway. It’s an incredibly violent and cinematic film for something as simple as a music video, but the result is something utterly unique and head turning in every way.

The Lumineers – Cleopatra

Is there anything more pure than a classic On Tour style music video? Probably not. There’s just something about them that’s both exciting and nostalgic and Denver outfit The Lumineers have just unveiled their version. Filled with behind the scenes footage from stadiums through through the front window of a van en-route to a show, to shots of fans and crowds, Cleopatra’s got a bit of everything and gives a glimpse into the day to day touring life of a band during the a whirlwind that is a World Tour.

Hayley Kiyoko – One Bad Night

Content Warning: transmisogynistic violence
Disney-actor turned singer Hayley Kyioko has never shied away from representation of people and experiences. Her new video for the synthy and guitar driven pop-centric One Bad Night is no exception. The clip sees Donald (played by Birth of a Nation actor Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and Amber (played by trans YouTube activist Erin Armstrong) each go through a particularly rough night. After stealing a car from his valet parking job, Donald witnesses an attack on Amber and intervenes, the two strangers ending up their night together in a diner. Like her previous videos, One Bad Night is directed by Kyioko and places her LGBT+ activism at the forefront of her art.

Archivist – Everything is Wanted

Ahead of the release of their upcoming EP Memo, London electro-indie act Archivist have unveiled the video for their song Everything is Wanted. Cutting between colour and black and white, the jumpy nature of the clip fits perfectly with the song as frontman Ed Begley journeys through city and forest in an almost escapist nature. Particularly good are the slow shots of a gently wild sea, slowing things down for contemplation before urgently restarting.

Seekae – Turbine Blue

If the location for the latest video from Sydney trio Seekae seems super familiar, that’s probably because you’ve watched Grease and/orTerminator 2 a few too many times. Directed by Kris Moyes, the video was the last to be shot at the iconic location before it was demolished and follows seven people with very different dancing styles. It’s a somewhat unexpected approach a fresh vibe and lots of super pleasing, crisp blue tones.

Words by Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh and Martin McConnell

Image: Supplied