Donald Trump Spokesperson Blames Hip-Hop For Those Sexist Comments

When I think of Donald Trump, I think he seems like a man who loves hip-hop and is both knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of hip-hop history and culture. I’m not the only one either, it seems. Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson stopped by the CNN studios to agree with my totally made up and fabricated statement.

If you’re following the absurdity that is Trump’s presidential campaign, you might recognise Pierson’s name from her headline-grabbing excuses for Trump’s statements and behaviour. Her latest tirade blames hip-hop culture for Trump’s “locker room banter” in 2005.

“I do quite find it rich that we have Democrats and the left talking about rape culture, when they are the ones backed fully by Hollywood. This rape culture is purported by none other than the entertainment industry, none other than by hip-hop music, which can you hear on local radio stations, as well as network television which actually pushes this.” Watch the full video below.

Pierson went on to say that Trump is “a part of that hip-hop culture,” which is ludicrous (except if you count the dozens of songs he’s mentioned in). Trump being “a part of that hip-hop culture” is laughable. Trump being a part of basically any kind of culture at all is laughable, really. The lyrical references don’t make him a part of hip-hop culture, it’s just that he’s rich and money is obviously a hip-hop pillar. The only real connection I can see Trump having with hip-hop is his presumed hatred for the genre. Oh and there was that one time he had Lil’ Jon on The Apprentice.

Pierson is not the first Trump stand-in to blame hip-hop culture for his comments. Dr. Ben Carson mentioned his comments were on par with rap lyrics we hear today, but to blame anybody but Trump himself for his comments is unjustifiable.

Many presidential candidates have had much closer, often genuine ties to hip-hop and hip-hop artists, and have gone months/ years/ two terms in The White House without blaming hip-hop culture for anything they have said and/or done. Killer Mike interviewed and campaigned for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton teamed up with Pusha T to drive voter registration, and Barack Obama has had many hip-hop stars perform at The White House, not to mention listing Kendrick Lamar and many other rappers and R&B artists as his favourites.

It’s not hip-hop’s fault. It’s yours, Donald.

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Image: YouTube