SpaceGhostPurrp Releases New Song “R.I.P. Yams” feat. A$AP Rocky

Well this is weird. Like, really weird. SpaceGhostPurrp has teamed up with A$AP Rocky to deliver a pretty dope track. Yes, the same SGP who has had a year-long beef with the A$AP Mob. What’s even weirder is that the title is seemingly lamenting the death of A$AP Yams, despite the song not mentioning Yams anywhere else.

Earlier this year, (early January to be exact), SPG reignited his beef with the Mob in spectacular fashion, Tweeting (in a now-deleted Tweet) “Fuck lil b, fuck Rocky, fuck yams, fuck ya’ll dead family members if you mad, and if you mad fight me one on one be quiet.” So I think it’s pretty clear that Purrp and A$AP weren’t on great terms.

But now this track emerges, and it feels like 2011 again. What happened? The obvious answer is that this was the product of two great rappers putting aside their issues to mourn the loss of a mutual friend. But Yams died in January 2015, almost a year before SpaceGhostPurrp went on his Twitter tirade against the Mob. I mean, SGP mocks Yams’ death frequently on Periscope, so it seems unlikely that he would have suddenly grown a remorseful side.

The other (and far more likely) scenario is that this is in fact an old track, back from a time where A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp were on better terms. Or at least not at each other’s throats. Rocky’s verse certainly sounds older, with his flow closer to 2011 than his more recent stuff. And it would be very much like SGP to release a five-year-old Rocky verse from the vault.

In terms of the track itself, it’s really fuckin’ good. The audio quality is rubbish, sounding like it was played in the background while someone taped it on their phone. There’s even a part where it drops out completely at the end of Rocky’s verse. But if you can get past that, you’ll find a track that’s straight fire. It’s got a pretty crazy beat, and the bars are solid. Check this shit out, even if only to catch a glimpse of a time long past.

Image: Soundcloud