Sampa The Great Unveils Stunning New Project “HERoes”

Swiftly up-and-coming MC and one of the most inspiring and talented young women in Australian music is Sampa The Great. With only a mixtape’s (The Great Mixtape) and a couple of singles worth of her own recorded material released, she’s taken the music scene in Australia by storm, in hot demand for collaborations (already laying some down with Urthboy and Remi) and wowing everyone who has had the privilege of witnessing it with her live show. This week she has announced a brand new project and some Australian shows to support it in the moving HERoes.

The project itself is a slam poetry video featuring Sampa. Partnering with Red Bull to produce it and directed by Priit Siimom and with creative direction by clothing label Sydney Romantics, the video serves as an introduction of sorts to Sampa, the title stylised as HERoes to reflect that this is her story. You can watch it below:

“Sugar, spice, fighting for human rights. Breathing in belief and choking on polluted skies. These are the ingredients that raise the question: who am I?”, it begins over sparse percussion, before Sampa waxes some intense lyrical on what it means to be (or not to be) a hero. The bassy synths and echoes creeping their way in will have your spine tingling, as will Sampa’s voice, which is absolutely ensnaring. All of this atop a roof at night overlooking a skyline (it looks like a scene out of Batman truth be told) and you have one amazing project both visually and sonically. That it only lasts two minutes is its only fault, one could listen to Sampa impart introspective wisdom like this for hours.

We’re not sure what the rest of the HERoes project may or may not entail, this is the first and only taste we’ve been given of it, but more may be revealed at her upcoming shows in support of it in both Sydney and Melbourne. The dates for this are below.

Sampa The Great HERoes tour dates:

Thu, Nov 3rd: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Fri, Nov 4th: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Image: Facebook