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Run The Jewels & Stephen Colbert Made a Halloween Song

Happy Halloween, folks! The spookiest night of the year is just around the corner. Halloween is known for dressing up, for trick or treating, for its mention in countless legends, films, books and so on. But one area it’s lacking in is festive songs. Until now.

In one of the most bizarrely hilarious late night show bits in some time, Stephen Colbert has teamed up with Run The Jewels in an effort to create an iconic holiday song specially for Halloween. It’s called The Halloween Wiggle. 

It begins with a really goofy children’s song from Colbert, in a graveyard in front of four backup dancers dressed as silly ghosts. Before too long, Killer Mike and El-P step in and take over with their own version, which is a little racier than Colbert’s.

As you can probably guess, the the late night host and the hip-hop duo have very different interpretations of the word “wiggle”. We won’t spoil it, but we do implore you to take three minutes out of your day to enjoy this hilarious video:

In related news, just a few days ago Run The Jewels officially released the very first song from their forthcoming album RTJ3. No word just yet on when the album will be coming out, but we have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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