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Hillary Clinton Responds to Death Row Meme

One of the more lighthearted moments to have come from the recent circus that is US politics and the three presidential debates, has been the hilarious meme comparing Senator Hillary Clinton’s outfits to some iconic looks from Death Row Records.

If you haven’t seen it, enjoy:

On her 69th birthday, Clinton interestingly chose to stop by The Breakfast Club radio show for an in-depth interview with Charlemagne Tha God During the extensive chat, they discussed everything from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, to the support of Jay-Z and more. Even Stevie Wonder stopped by to sing her Happy Birthday, which was a pretty special surprise.

Charlamagne and co made sure to mention many of Obama’s close ties with the hip-hop community, including his recent boogie to Drake’s Hotline Bling. Jay-Z has also been announced to perform at a Clinton campaign concert in Ohio on November 4, following on from former President Bill Clinton’s appearance at Hov’s Made in America concert.

One of the funniest moments during the interview came when Clinton addressed the meme, which Charlamagne shared with her, showing her dressed in similar outfits to Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight. Clinton laughed as Charlamagne asked if she was a fan of Death Row Records. She responded, “I think Death Row, and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look, don’t you?”

It’s interesting to see the presidential candidate engaging with the hip-hop media like this, perhaps in response to the close relationship that Obama has held with many notable members of the community, from inviting Frank Ocean Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rpper and others to the White House, to sharing playlists of his favourite tunes.

Watch below – the meme mention comes in right after the 18 minute mark.

Image: Twitter