Gorillaz Release Next Chapter of Their Animated Chronicles – Phase Four

Words: Jack Ball

Since the last Gorillaz album The Fall was released in 2010; Bin Laden was killed as a huge area of the Middle East was reduced to rubble, an entire flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared into another realm, Star Wars made a comeback, Australia had a wrinkly lizard elected and rejected as Prime Minister, the motherland England voted to leave the continent in which it resides, we learned how to print in 3D and watch in 4K, Jessie Pinkman lived, David Bowie passed away and we found water on Mars.

But what were Gorillaz doing while all this was happening?

Virtuoso Damon Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hewlett have poured yet another trickle of lighter fluid on the flame that is the wait for the new Gorillaz LP with continuing concept narratives for two of its animated band members titled, The Book of Noodle and The Book of Russel.

Earlier this week, the half decade long void of fictional lead guitarist Noodle’s life since escaping Plastic Beach was revealed in The Book of Noodle, a series of Tweets and GIF’s posted on Tuesday.


After discovering that the Japanese sass ninja has been on a quest to remove the head of a shapeshifting ancient hell demon, Mazuu. A quest she successfully accomplished in a style akin to O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) in Kill Bill. Noodle once again found herself in a FedEx box on route to West London, much like her first introduction to the group.

As of yesterday we have now been enlightened to the equally tumultuous life events of the heavy hip-hop head of the band, Russel in his own book.



We’re looking forward to whatever else the Gorillaz have coming our way, new music or otherwise.

Image: Dazed Digital