5 Reasons Why A Slipknot Gig is Perfect for Date Night

As we move into the middle of October, the Australian metal community is bracing itself for the biggest tour of the year. Metal legends Slipknot are set for a special run of east coast shows in two weeks, with nu-wave pioneers Lamb Of God and local heroes In Hearts Wake due to open the proceedings.

While the triple threat bill is gargantuan, ticket sales have been faltering, and the last remaining tickets have been slashed by more than $50 to try to fill the arenas of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Lowered prices, a triple stack bill and an Aussie opener can only mean one thing… night!

Whilst a metal show might not seem the ideal place to take that special someone, we are sure that you will have to reconsider once you’ve read our 5 reasons why death metal concerts make the ideal location to ignite the flames of passion.

1. You can dress up together

Slipknot are world-renowned for the creepy purgatory masks that each member of the band dons onstage. With each member’s mask changing after each album, the visual element of the show can seem like something from a horror flick. As a result, legions of dedicated fans don similar gear to shows in order to show their dedication. What better way to start a relationship than a good old-fashioned game of dress ups? Even if that does involve masks with nails sticking out of the face, it’s all fun and games right?


2. You can actually have a proper, interesting date that you will remember

Netflix and chill might sound like the safe option for date night, but in all honesty, it can get a bit boring once the excitement of the experience wears off. You have a full night to kill- just think about all the other things that exist that you can do to amuse yourself for the evening? You could go to the zoo. You could climb a tree and read poetry. Or you could get crushed in a mosh pit full of sweaty teenagers wearing clown masks and risk having a band member land on your head. Take a ride on the wild side!


3. Building of trust

It’s well documented that Slipknot has some of the most violent mosh pits in the world, but one should remember that opening act Lamb Of God has also gained a fearsome reputation for their live shows, namely through one outstanding feature of their show: the ‘Wall Of Death.’

For the uninformed, remember that scene in Braveheart where the soldiers just run at each other until they collide? Same deal. And what better way to form a bond of trust with your new partner than to take part in this act together? You could hold hands and run together, promising to never let them go as you slam into the oncoming metalheads from the opposite side of the floor. Or alternatively, you  could take separate sides and run at each other, trusting that you will leap into one another’s arms as oppose to the headlong collision that is all to common.

Romantic, right?

4. Exercise with your new date

Following on from the previous point, all this running and pushing and bumping is really really good cardio. We all know that couple who exercise together inevitably stay together. A trip to Slipknot at the end of the month will ensure that you have fun with your date whilst shedding the kilos in preparation for those coveted summer beach trips. And when it’s all said and done, you can romantically put your arm around your new date and comfort them as you limp back to the bus stop.

5. Dinner and a show

Skip the first date movie cliché. And who even goes to restaurants anyhow? If you want to set the bar high for first impressions, taking your date to see this 9 piece from Iowa in action has got all your bases covered. Overpriced drinks? Check. Hot dogs? Check. Atmosphere? Check? Fire? Double check. Memories from what, despite the ageing nature of the bands, will still be a night to remember for Aussie metal? 100% check.

Slipknot, Lamb of God and In Hearts Wake will tour Australia at the end of this month. These shows will be huge. See below for all the details.

Slipknot Australian Tour Dates:

Friday, 28th October- Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Saturday, 29th October- Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney (Tickets)

Monday, 31st October- Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (Tickets)

Images: Noisey, Metal InjectionRoadrunner Records