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The White Stripes (Sort Of) Release a New Single

Music gods to earth: there is some new The White Stripes material in the world.

Well, not exactly.

It might not be the brand new song that many of us hold out daily hope for, but the fact that Jack White has released a video for the acoustically re-imagined White Stripes classic City Lights is still pretty freaking cool. Originally produced for The White Stripes’ 2005 album Get Behind Me Satan, the newly released recording reveals the stripped back, bare foundations of the song in its early form.

Directed by long-time White Stripes collaborator Michael Gondry, the video was secretly shot without anyone’s knowledge and supposedly handed to White earlier last week. Opening with a shower turning on, the entire video consists of the one shot of a shower cubicle with a person inside drawing shapes of people on the foggy glass.The smooth nature of the drawing is surprisingly soothing with the tender acoustic music as a soundtrack, creating an artistic and reflective piece of visual art.

The video is the first material released under the White Stripes name since 2008, which explains why nearly 100k people have watched it in its first 12 hours of being in the world. Add to that total below:

The rendition of City Lights features on the newly released Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, which White dropped last week. It’s a retrospective look back through the last 20 years of White’s career, with cuts from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and his own solo work featured on the disc.

Given the energy that his work with the White Stripes still holds in 2016, the album is a deeply personal and revealing glimpse into the creative process of one of the most prolific musicians of the generation.

White also appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week to perform another White Stripes cut ‘You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket’  in solo acoustic format, marking his first ever solo TV performance.

With the release of such a vast treasure trove of music, we are crossing our fingers that there is some more material still to come from the man this year.

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