The Weeknd & Daft Punk Drop Collab Single “Starboy”

Good God Almighty that accelerated quickly.

After a bombshell album announcement earlier today and the reveal of its new artwork (featuring a shockingly un-dreaded Abel Tesfaye), The Weeknd has ended speculation about what his mysterious studio link-up with French electronic deities Daft Punk was all about and just dropped the debut single from Starboy featuring the duo. The song, the title track from the record, opens with very Daft Punk production, a slick, almost robotic driving beat that pulses along with rumbling synths, a simple piano riff and The Weeknd’s silky smooth falsetto wafting over the top of it all. You can listen below:

That chorus, with the very Daft Punk-esque vocoder and The Weeknd’s fiery lyrics (“look what you’ve done/I’m a motherfuckin’ starboy”) is like a sonic fish hook, not even two listens in and I’m already singing it in my head. If you listen to the song on Apple Music you also get some clues about Starboy the album. Though unplayable yet, Apple Music lists a whopping 18 tracks in total, though none are titled but for the third (False Alarm). It also lists an expected release date of November 25th, which did seem to be about five minutes away before today and now feels like an eternity.

We can’t wait to hear more from Starboy in the meantime.

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Image: Uproxx