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It’s Here: Stream Bon Iver’s New Album “22, A Million”

Bon Iver has released a new album 22, A Million. It’s here, it’s available, you can stream it right now. I thoroughly implore you to do so (it’s also available on other streaming services and for purchase):

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The album has gone against the grain of many releases in 2016; not only was it announced with a few months notice, teased with two early singles and one right before the album, but it actually came out at the proposed release date. Furthermore, it’s short. Many releases this year have travelled well into the 15+ track list range, spanning an hour or more. 22, A Million has ten tracks and is only thirty-four minutes long.

Short, sure, but it’s thirty-four glorious minutes that have truly pushed the boundaries of what Bon Iver is capable of and what audiences were expecting.

I was lucky enough to hear the album in its entirety live earlier this year. Justin Vernon’s own festival Eaux Claires, in Eau Clair, Wisconsin, doubled as the world premiere of the new record. It was an unbelievable performance and I’m so glad the rest of the world can now enjoy the album.

In a recent interview, Vernon spoke to The Guardian about how the album came to be. He spoke about the album’s formation, including his own anxiety and panic attacks, self-discovery and eventual acceptance, all of which laid the foundation for this tremendous album.


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Image: The Guardian