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Run The Jewels Tease New Single for “Gears Of War 4″

If you’re a fan of the incendiary hip-hop duo of Killer Mike and El-P, collaboratively known as Run The Jewels, you’ll be familiar with the agonising experience that has been waiting for their next album Run The Jewels 3 to finally arrive. Precious little is known about the upcoming album, the duo’s third (duh) and their first since 2014’s white hot Run The Jewels 2, except that we have been told by Killer Mike that they want it out in 2016 and also this bizarre teaser for it courtesy of RTJ’s Instagram.

They’re continuing to tease us again today, posting mysteriously on their Facebook a variation on the classic Run The Jewels hands logo that seems to indicate some form of collaboration with third person shooter franchise Gears Of War for its fourth installment.

Little is known about the music for Gears Of War, being released on October 11th, other than that the soundtrack is being helmed by German-Iranian composer Ramin Djawadi. Our best guess here is that RTJ will be releasing a brand new single from Run The Jewels 3 as part of Gears Of War 4‘s soundtrack or somewhere in the ball park of that.

This wouldn’t be the first time this year that Run The Jewels have collaborated outside the world of hip-hop. Their clothing line featuring Adult Swim staples Rick & Morty (Rick The Jewels, because of course) was a huge success.

Let’s hope tomorrow is as worth the wait as the guys are claiming it will be and a taste of RTJ3 is finally, mercifully here.

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Image: Fools Gold Recs